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Sin Titulo means “without title”, or “without label” in Spanish. To create performances beyond the boundaries of nationality, race, social status and genre, Sumiko Tamuro established it in 2004. We started creating performances with Tokyo based foreign artists who had few places to perform because of the language barrier.
Since 2008, Sin Titulo has been producing “Theater project for Multi-cultural Societies” with Kani Public Arts Center in Gifu. Our goal is to facilitate exchanges between the Japanese inhabitants and immigrants. For the promotion of a multicultural symbiosis through performing arts, we are not only producing performances but also developing workshops and do various researches to engage with issues of identity, history, language and culture.

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Sumiko Tamuro (Artistic Director)

She started her career as an actress in the performing group Tokyo Ichikumi and appeared in numerous stage productions of this group.

In 2004, following her life-long desire to perform with people beyond the boundaries of nationality, race, social status and genre, she founded the performing group“Sin Titulo". Since 2004 also, she has been associated with the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan where she produced and directed plays for an international audience.

Since 2008, she has been working with “Theater project for Multi-cultural Societies” in Gifu, as a producer and director.
Fellow of the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies since 2010.



Mike Marques (Sound Designer)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, vocalist/composer Mike Marques has been experimenting with diverse sound worlds for over 10 years. Working primarily as a collaborator in theatre, dance and improvisation, he has more recently been developing solo works for voice and laptop utilizing live sampling and digital sound processing.


Yu Shibuya (Writer)

Yu Shibuya earned his B.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Redlands in CA. He then received his Master's degree in the same area of study from Purdue University in Indiana. He has won numerous awards at the Literary Awards hosted by Purdue; some of which are: Best of Contest, Brian Mexicott Award for the Best Original Play, Kneale Award for Poetry. His poems have appeared in Margie and Dogwood.

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