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the Theater Project for Multicultural societies 2008

East Gate

"Theater project for multicultural societies” is a project to interact with Japanese people and foreign immigrants through drama.

Since 1990, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture, has seen an increase in the number of immigrants who are foreigners with Japanese blood and their families. Although foreign nationals have represented about 7% of the population these past few years, Japanese and foreigners have had limited exchanges and no special place where to meet. So in 2008, Kani Public Arts Center decided to offer such a place and entrust Sin Titulo with the task of producing a drama for multicultural societies.

In the first production, 23 people from 4 countries, Brazil, the Philippines, China and Japan joined the workshops and created “East Gate” with 15 performers from among them.

Director: Sumiko Tamuro
Choreographer Tamami Yamada
Assistant Director: Setsu Hanasaki, Nono Maejima
Workshop Facilitator and Visual effect: Kota Suzuki
Composer: Goro Asano

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