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the Theater Project for Multicultural societies 2009

By the Skin of our teeth

Since the end of 2008, many people have suffered from the economic crisis, especially foreign migrant workers in Japan.
The second Theater project for multicultural societies has been focused on the various crises our 39 performers from 9 countries are facing. You can see their unusual life through this original form of documentary theatre accompanied with songs and dances.


2009.7.26 (Sun)
①Start 12:00pm
②Start 3:00pm

ala small theater

Director: Sumiko Tamuro
Choreographer and Co- Director: Tamami Yamada
Assistant Director: Nono Maejima
Workshop Facilitator: Kota Suzuki
Visual artist: Kei Fushiki
Composer and Pianist: Ryo Yamada
Percussionist: Yasushi Hasegawa

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